Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Head to Head: Is Anglosphere Feminism really that different from non-Anglosphere Western Feminism?


Recently this blog has been engulfed by a riveting debate on a crucial topic: is Anglosphere feminism really distinct from the feminism in non-Anglosphere Western nations? And by extension, is leaving the Anglosphere really the optimal choice for Anglo-American men who still want relationships with women?

Anonymous strongly believes that the countries of non-Anglosphere Western Europe, South America and Asia are at least as bad as those of the Anglosphere:

The Ripper tells us that: "Give me France any day"

Well, I already wrote about France, but, man, I tell you, Mrs Casta is facing a bad backlash for her words. She was hated 20 years agou because she was too much sexy being so young, beautiful and big tits; now they have a political reason to hate her more.

The same faith for based mommy Catherine Deneuve. You don't have idea when the feminist machine catch on you with all its force. The fact that a few real women tell the truth, doesn't mean that the mayority agrees.

Go east, man. (note: the soviet version of feminism was not hatred on men...).

You would think that it's over, that the sitaution couldn't get worse, right? No, we have the Expat Phil that starts on digging shit.

Europe mainland? srsly?

France is described up.

Sweden is the feminists' hornets' nest, they were the first to cimininalize the customer of whores and right now the govt is making casual sex a crime unless you sign a contract with the girl/woman. The cuck governor of sweden is proud of such a new law.

Norway? Ask Eivind Berge.

Italian courts believe to every possible shit the females say, so the last one is that a pair of cops have been accused of rape by 2 american (!!!) girls even if the messages on phones state differently; they will lose the uniform and risk jail (not that I have any simpathy for the pigs...). If they catch you cheating on your wife, the court will make you lose everything.

In Greece there is the witch hunt against men who buy sex from refugees females. German women balme the misconduct of muslim men against white men patriarchy. Reseved train wagons, reserved swimming pools, free sexual harassment compliants to the cops in the case you don't meet the girl's standards, and so on... Many of them treat you like a sexual object, it happened me with a girl, for whom I was just her fetish; and some turned muslim (like that very same girl I dealt with, and) like the 16 yo girl named Malvina who appeared in KIKA, dating a muslim guy (alt rightists made up a shitstorm because the guy looks "too old for her"... just to keep up with the AOC theme and the cultural imperialism of the USA and UK).

Do you really like to be surrounded by bikini girls whose ass and tits will never been yours? Are you a masochist? That's why I support a forced modest dress code, even more in feminist countries of the west.

Should I go further?

LatinoAmerica? again, srsly? Have you ever considered the helluva bunch of feminist new laws passed everywhere? From Venezuela to Colombia? (so you can't balme communism). And right now that we have the worst pope ever? The black pope bergoglio? a men hater feminist scumbag like never before. Today he advocated for even stricter feminist laws for fight what they call "femicide".
So, if you are a fit, good looking anglo male cunt, don't teach us about how wonderful european women are, because if you can interest to a german or a french girl, you can interest to a texan girl from a conservative rural area too.

Also, pay attention on writing to take care of yourself, because I got the interest of that german girl for something that is the opposite of being fit. It's all about her own standards, brothers. Fat or fit, tall or short, etc... and if she changes her mind, just start on preying your gods, because it will be rape, even years later.

I only agree with you Phil, about the Israel and the Jewish conspirancy. Israeli men are in deep shit like the rest of us, and I don't give a shit if the israeli women at the end want to settle and have kids to fuck up arabs in the numbers because it's a patriotic duty (and that's true, so you have many ppl messing about the jewish conspiracy). They are over 30 years old creeps in the last 3 days of fertility, looking nasty.

James Bond, the best MGTOW is Expat MGTOW (that indeed is not real MGTOW if you still date or are interested in girls, that is something natural and normal), but only in countries where feminism is still not strong, or your assets are enough to make you to have a safe life (examples: philippines and surroundings). Check out the videos of MGTOW Expat, Kris Cantu and friends. But Europe is not an option (at least western europe and places like poland or latvia).

Finally, remember, you all angloamerican patriotic male cunts: this situation it's all your and your own fault only. It started after the 9/11 with the collusion between feminism and imperialism against muslims. If you ever served into an armed force of USA, UK and NATO, you are the source of the problem. Why in most part of muslim countries men didn't commit suicide before the imposition of feminism by the west via the bombs?

Allah Hafiz, brothers.

However, Legal Eagle has much personal experience of these issues from his work as an an international lawyer. I am very interested in the law, since it is now the primary feminist weapon in the Anglosphere. More women than men now graduate from Anglosphere law schools, and law is the cultural template via which feminists rewrite Anglo-American society in their own image

Legal Eagle also considers the distinctive Anglo-Saxon Common Law to be uniquely dangerous to men, marriage and fathers: 

Just wanted to tl-dr the informed points above to sum up in simple terms just WHY the Anglosphere is so measurably different and DANGEROUS for men compared to the non-Anglosphere (West and East) when it comes to marriage, divorce, simple dating, harassment and overall lifestyle and interpersonal relations. I'm an attorney specializing in family law, now working overseas myself with a basis to make the comparison, and this is really all you need to know about the real-life decisions you'll have to make in the Anglosphere versus outside of it:

--- Marriage and having kids are now fundamentally non-viable options in the Anglosphere because of one specific quirk above all in the way the Anglosphere handles divorce: You literally become a slave to the state upon marriage or having a kid in the Anglosphere because at that point, the state has the power to extract your assets without limit in the event of divorce, separation or abuse allegations. Again; ALL of your assets, your savings, earnings, even your work potential, before or after marriage, can be seized from you after you marry or have a child in the Anglosphere, because the US court and civil system gives women and family courts absolute discretion over all your assets and even future earning potential, WITHOUT LIMIT. Now with #metoo, a variant of the same unchecked power has also been placed into the hands of the state (courts), institutions and women with a chip on their shoulder, to bring about complete ruination and financial damage to a man even outside of marriage, due to any hazy allegation of "harassment". All of this is reinforced by the powerful Anglosphere cultural meme of "man = deadbeat".

--- Outside the Anglosphere, especially in old Orthodox and Catholic countries (Mediterranean, France, Latin America, central and East Europe) and most of Asia but yes, also in non-Anglo Protestant lands (Germany, the Benelux region, Scandinavia), the state has no such power over a man after marriage and having a child. Instead he retains full control over his assets, savings and future earnings, and all forms of support payments are strictly capped. By the same token fatherhood is also explicitly supported (hence sharing of custody, paternal support, mediation), and the #metoo hysterics are dampened both by cultural disapproval and by explicit laws and policies that forbid a woman from ruining man's career and reputation through simple allegations. (The defamation laws are also much tougher in the non-Anglosphere, and women making such accusations are harshly punished.)

That's it, the one reason above all why, as this Blog correctly makes clear, the Anglosphere is fundamentally more dangerous than the non-Anglosphere to basic rights especially for men, families and rational women. The state and a wife or ex-wife in the Anglosphere, or even a meddling busybody bureaucrat, has enormous and essentially unlimited power to drain and enslave a man financially. This is why you have to ditch the Anglosphere and set up elsewhere, and this is one area where the MGTOW's are exactly right Simply dating, associating with women and marrying in the Anglosphere literally and tangibly-- not in some abstract way-- expose even a highly skilled, wealthy, upper class men to real risk of improverishment, public humiliation and severe downward mobility in Anglosphere countries.

This is the difficult and painful message that my old law firm, when we were speaking honestly, would convey to clients looking for a "solution" to their concerns about asset exposure to marriage in the US and Canada. If you marry and or have a kid in the English-speaking world, from that point on you have a sword of damocles over your head. It's as simple as that, and again, the MGTOW's are right on here. In fact perversely it's even worse if you're a rich or upper-class man, all your assets, including anything you've inherited can be extracted from you under Anglosphere law. On contrary, this is what someone referred to by the "playboy principle" in the non-Anglosphere-- even very wealthy husbands can never be asked to pay beyond a statutory and low limit as support, which does indeed discourage gold-digging since the "lifestyle standard before divorce" is not a factor.

Just focus on this point and avoid all the distracting issues, because whatever other cultural factors you're considering, these are the ones that affect you directly as an individual, and put you at infinitely greater danger of destitution and disaster in the Anglosphere versus outside it.

And just to throw cold water on any assumptions that "there still must be a way to safely date and marry in the Anglosphere", I'm sorry, but there isn't. Like I said above, domestic and international family law is my legal specialty, what I've done every workday for the past couple decades. I've worked in dozens of US states, several Canadian provinces and then several law and legal translation offices overseas in Europe as well as (in 2016) in Cordoba, Argentina. My law partners and I have seen literally thousands of men in the US and Canada show up in our office, nervously asking about ways to protect their assets in the event of divorce, wondering about "the perfect prenup" or if marrying a religious girl in a religious ceremony, or a foreign girl protects them. (Short answer-- it doesn't, not if you're still living in North America or anywhere in the Anglosphere.) I'm sorry, but if you want to establish a meaningful relationship with a woman, have kids, start a family-- the things fundamental to any society for centuries-- there is now no alternative to becoming an expat outside the Anglo world. None.

The family law policies in the Anglosphere really have become THAT dangerous and perverse, and now with the #metoo hysterics and media push, it's only going to get even worse for men, families and reasonable women in the Anglosphere. I think other posts here have covered why, but if they haven't, here's the tl-dr: it's due to the particularities of Anglo common law (which is we learn from Day One in law school, is a whole different animal from civil statutory law), stare decisis and political/administrative inertia in Anglo legal tradition (feminists claiming female independence while clinging to "helpless wife" assumptions used to justify long term alimony), the oppositional essence of US law, media and culture. And don't think the political system, elections or either US political party will give you relief. For ex., guess who shot down two major attempts at alimony reform in Florida and Alabama, both of which have esp. harsh alimony statutes that hit ex-husbands hard? The foolish pro-alimony white knights were none other than two "conservative" Republicans, Rick Scott and Roy Moore. (The real reason Roy Moore lost the Alabama Senate election is that he imposed permanent alimony payments on a major Alabama publisher who was understandably embittered-- the things you learn working in family law.)

If it wasn't clear already, pre-nups offer very limited protection that's all but useless amidst the full discretion of divorce court judges, esp. after kids are born but even before-- even my own ex-law firm partners virtually laugh when husbands request them now, they simply don't help. Not "marrying a good girl" or "marrying a Christian or religious girl". Here's a nasty stat for you: the biggest jump in divorce, esp. nasty expensive divorces, in past decade has been among Christian and esp. Mormon women (!). Not marrying a foreign woman in the US-- once under US law, she'll have the same power to ruin you as an American woman, and fall under the same poisonous "deadbeat man" Anglosphere cultural influences that push other "nice women of good character" to divorce in Anglo countries.

Since I guess concrete paths to expatriation are becoming a topic here, f.y.i. my ticket overseas was to do legal translation. This is not only one of the easiest but also most lucrative paths to expatriation and you can do it even before getting fluent in another language, since there's such heavy demand for translation of documents and policy reports from the US and UK into the major languages of other (esp. European) countries. And yes, I got started in Sweden before focusing more on Continental law and translation now. And yes, it is true. Although Scandinavia, Benelux and Germany do have more traits in common with the Anglosphere, they are indeed worlds better because they reject the fundamental principles that make marriage and divorce (and now, even dating and harassment) so dangerous to men in the Anglosphere. The only other non-Anglosphere countries that come close are actually Switzerland (which does have some nasty divorces of its own, but still nowhere near the same damage, level or frequency as the Anglosphere) and Israel (which is the only country as bad as the Anglosphere).

I grew up in a traditional religious family myself, my father and mother are among the fairly few American couples who not only stayed married but actually happily so. And even for me and my brothers, my parents have urged us to never get married in the US. They've soon too many friends and neighbors get ruined. Expatriation is the only option. Save your earnings, sell your assets while you can (esp. now that the equity and property markets are at such high) and use your savings to head out of the Anglosphere, A.S.A.P. People here have been giving some good options-- France, Mediterranean or other Catholic/Orthodox countries in southern/central/east Europe or Latin America, Russia/former USSR, non-Anglo Protestant (Germany/Benelux/Scandinavia), most of Asia. But anywhere else will spare you from the literal slavery and vulnerability to asset destitution that greets you upon marriage or childbearing in Anglosphere countries. Don't listen to any idiots who whine stupidly about how "France, Germany, the non-Anglosphere has feminists and #metoo too". Yes, and they also have no power to ruin you in marriage and divorce let alone dating overseas, because the structure of the laws is fundamentally different, the oppositional cutlural nature of the Anglosphere is absent, and the overall culture even in very modern non-Anglo countries like Japan, Korea, Scandinavia, Germany and France still emphasizes traditional feminine responsibilities while honoring the importance of fatherhood. The whiny feminists overseas are powerless there, drowned out by institutions and the 99% of people who value fairness and reason.

Warburton weighs in with unstinting support for Legal Eagle's brilliant monograph, adding a few important insights of his own:

A great deal of wisdom here LE, thank you for sharing. A couple add-ons to your great points, not only do crazy feminists, technocrats, and judges have the legal power to reduce men, families and rational women to destitution in the Anglosphere, they actually do. In terrifying numbers. The risk of financial calamity from marriage and divorce in the English-speaking world, and as you say now from just dating or workplace association, isn't just theoretical. It's real, and very frequent. More than three-fifths of American marriages collapse in divorce, and its' very ugly and expensive there and in Anglo-world in general. We're talking tens or millions of men and families, across the Anglosphere, brought to ruin and financial collapse by divorce or a miserable marriage even it stays together.

You covered most of these bases. I'd also add that divorce is a huge profit center, not just for the divorce lawyers, the courts, judges, even states make big money from divorce settlements. O worked as a paralegal for several years myself while taking night classes,and saw another ugly truth about why child support and spousal support demands in North America are out of control and, unlike outside-the-Anglosphere, have no limit: courts and states get a nice little cut of alimony and child support as "processing costs", at least in many states. So when states don't raise taxes explicitly to meet all their deficits, they go after husbands and fathers with a brutal "secret tax" in family courts to make up the difference.

Plus, a point to add to your great expat advice: Another way for Americans, to get to Europe at least, is to find someone in their family-trees who came from the Old Country. If you have a Greek, Swedish or Italian ancestor somewhere, you're golden, and this is the fastest way to get there. I'm off to Italy later this year myself, hired as a statistician. But my cousin is using her traced roots to get there right along with me next year,and with full citizenship. Use every advantage you can.

Amidst such brilliant debate, I can only add that sexual freedom in the non-Anglosphere West is certainly under threat from the Anglosphere nations (especially the imperialistic United States). The case of Cuba Dave Strecker proves that, in spades. Yet the fact remains that misandrist, puritanical feminism is very much an Anglosphere meme (as I have always argued); and while the struggle for sexual freedom in the Anglosphere is probably lost, the struggle for the non-Anglosphere West is still fluid and contested.