Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sweets, and Illusions: Survival Strategies of the Post-Menopausal Anglosphere Female

The PM woman ponders her dwindling options...

The lame-stream Anglo-American media endlessly sings the virtues of female 'empowerment', as if the average woman was a superhuman paragon of multi-tasking intelligence. However, when we observe the ludicrous life-strategies most women adopt after menopause, the reality is very different. Why? Because, beyond their reproductive age, women are essentially worthless. Even White Knights have no use for them. In prehistoric times, we cannot doubt that most women were killed by a blow to the skull after raising their last litter of children. Feminism, Theosophy, finger-painting, husband-beating or handing out sweets on the train: the post-menopausal (PM) female will do almost anything to disguise/obviate her essential worthlessness. Let us now examine these desperation strategies in more depth.


We must suppress male sexuality at all costs!

The big one. Or should I say big two? Feminism and Anglo-American Christianity have an identical fixation on restricting male sexual freedom. Many PM women suddenly immerse themselves in either 'the sisterhood' or tradcon Christian drivel, and for exactly the same reason: both ideologies neutralize the effects of their plummeting SMV by chastising (or seeking to ban altogether) the dynamic, ageless force of male sexuality. Never mind that most prostitutes are happy in their profession, or that sex-trafficking is a myth, or that Anglo-American men should be perfectly free to marry foreign women if they so choose: male sexuality must be reflexively demonized in order to raise the PM woman's ailing SMV. Of course, many unattractive younger women share the same obsessions; but rarely to the same extent or extremity. After all, they still have reproductive potential, even if most men hardly notice it.

In some respects, the whole feminist project is designed to navigate the reality of post-menopausal female worthlessness. By giving women pseudo-education and faux-status, it hopes to neutralize the deleterious effects of their plummeting SMV. We have Pretty White Girl Syndrome, not post-Menopausal Old Boot Syndrome; and, sensing their impending sexual invisibility to men, old or near-old women will believe anything – literally anything – to avoid the SMV scrapheap.Which segues neatly into Strategy 2:


PM woman mastering the regenerative power of crystals

Alternatively, many post-menopausal women latch onto mumbo-jumbo peddled by the post-60s counter-culture. Fake religions like the Qabala. magic crystals. Homeopathy. Chatting to geraniums. Reading tarot cards and tea-leaves. Because lots of PM women share such irrational fixations, UK 'businesswoman' Anita Roddick built a vast fortune pandering to their whims and fancies. Indeed, Roddick created one of the 90's most successful retail chains (The Body Shop) simply by slapping curvy, female-friendly labels on her queasy products.

When menopause strikes, many Earth Mothers also start engaging with the post-everything echo-chamber that is modern art: ape-house paintings and junk-yard sculptures; formless poems scrawled in indigo ink; or turgid, pornographic novels. Funny how PM women never take up physics, engineering or something useful, is it not?

Is this ‘Earth Mother’ persona authentic or just another attempt to avoid being ignored, abused or killed? My guess is the latter. In the hunter-gatherer context, a PM woman with some kind of shamanic presence in the tribe was more likely to survive than a PM woman with no presence at all. Other women would intercede for her; she knew the herbs to trigger abortions; she was their link to the Great Goddess.

In sum, the PM woman's immersion in primitive superstition suggests a huge level of existential insecurity. Stripped of sexual power, despised by even the lowest of men, she throws herself on the mercy of imaginary beings like a savage caught in an earthquake. Sadly, healing crystals and geranium roots cannot boost her lost SMV. For men have no interest in her Coke-can sculptures of Bingu, the Earth goddess; only fresh young pussy.


Eat, eat... only please don't hurt me!

After menopause, it is notable how women start trying to placate everyone. Many an entitled cunt turns forty and suddenly starts handing out sweets to taxi drivers and smiling at passing strangers. Cakes and pastries, pies and Mars bars; her bounty is endless. Remember to treat such women with unmerciful, unprecedented and unrelenting harshness as you pluck the sweets from their hands. Such losers are also good for sport fucking.


Queen of Self-Delusion

The Tradcon Anglo mass-media - at least that aimed at women - remains fixated on the supposed charms of past-prime women. Madonna remains their default icon, a spidery old cunt ugly even in her prime. Because women lack self-awareness, they suck up this delusional nonsense like Dyson hoovers. Even educated middle-class women actually believe that men find ugly old boots with wrinkled tits and desert-dry pussies sexually attractive. Indeed, I found the following article in the Daily Mail this very day:

Madonna and I have a few things in common. We are both 56. We’re hard-working. We have both been addicted to exercise: Madonna to yoga, me to Pilates. Madonna is rumoured to have had plastic surgery to counter ‘gym face’, I have had plastic surgery to counter a lifetime of disappointment.

When I first saw her provocative, vaguely sado-masochistic photo shoot in Interview magazine, I was full of admiration.

Through sheer force of will (and Photoshop, RK) , Madonna looks fitter and prettier than she did at Live Aid in 1985. Any 20-year-old would be lucky to look this good! You go, material girl! She is proving that post-menopausal women are still vibrant, powerful, sexual beings! If Madonna can do it, so can we!

Do PM Anglo-American women actually believe this rubbish? Do they really believe that any heterosexual man in his right mind finds Madonna 'vibrant' or 'sexual'? Do they really think Madonna is more attractive than the average 20-year old? Are they mad? This 'Sexy at 60' nonsense is particularly strong among tradcon PM women with overt misandrist tendencies - in my extensive experience the most unpleasant of all Anglo-American females.

Heads up, PM ladies. Men evolved to find young, thin women with symmetrical features, long legs and large breasts attractive. No matter how hard you kid yourselves, these male preferences are genetically hard-wired and unlikely to change any time soon.


The Best Solution of All...

Just my own suggestion. Since healthy men have no interest in old, ugly PM women, why don't they just kill themselves? We can do quite happily without misandrist feminists, repressive Christians, crazy Earth Mothers and self-deluded old hags. A wise suggestion: unfortunately, most PM women lack the guts to act on it.