Friday, 21 November 2014

What's Wrong with this Picture?

From early childhood, middle-class American men are encouraged by the mainstream media to aim for and expect this:

And so they burn the midnight oil to acquire this

because they think they need lots and lots of these

in order to get this:

But then THIS happens:

Since American men make up the bulk of my readership, I felt duty-bound to pass some kind of comment on 80 year-old Charles Manson's engagement to his 25 year-old girlfriend, Star. All one can say to the psychopathic cult leader is: "Good Luck!"

On a more serious note, the legacy culture's obsession with young men 'manning up' and accepting 'adult' responsibilities (i.e. becoming ATM machines for exclusive exploitation by entitled Anglo-American women) is becoming embarrassing. That outworn narrative is, like America's 'War on Drugs', utterly discredited. For here is a male who, by rejecting all such 'responsible' agendas, attracted a girl young enough to be his grand-daughter. Hardly a public advertisement for the benefits of 'manning up' and social conformity! Rather, Mr Manson is a poster boy for psychopathy, criminality, ugliness and idleness. Yet in a post-feminist world ruled by the psychotic vagaries of female mate-selection, such traits have become the highest virtues.